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The Problem

Millions of people in the US are food insecure, meaning they do not have sufficient access to healthy food. While Ohio State students are taking on unprecedented levels of debt, around 15% of us are still food insecure.


Students are unable to provide themselves with the nutrients and calories they need to live a healthy, balanced life at Ohio State.


Our current means of food production exploits and underpays workers at every level of the system.


The global food system is inefficient, wasting billions of pounds of food each year.


Our food system needs to change so we can deal with our increasingly complicated future. It has to be more efficient, healthier, and more equitable for everyone involved.

Best Food Forward is here for you.

We are here to use a cooperative model to increase campus accessibility
to healthy, locally-sourced food

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Our Solution

We cut out the grocery stores and connect people directly to local farmers, wholesalers, and distributors,
providing food for up to 65% off the price of the normal market.

Local Cooperation

Best Food Forward is made for students by students, utilizing a democratic, cooperative framework to make it easier for people to eat healthy.

Bulk Purchasing

By connecting similarly interested students, we are able to become our own grocery store, increasing the purchasing power of each member.


By automating many of our processes and working directly with a variety of sources, we can easily connect students to good food

How it works

Cooperative members vote on what foods they'd like to eat. Then you send in money, we tally up votes,
and buy fresh produce directly from local farms and distributors. You end up with a bulk package of nutritious food at half the cost of the grocery store.









About Us

We started as a service project from the Ohio State Eminence Fellows program. Now we are a diverse group of dedicated students who are concerned with the state of our food system.
We are looking to use a market-based, cooperative framework to allow the entire Ohio State community to benefit from improve the efficiency of our local food system.

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Chat with us at our facebook page.
We are happy to answer any of your questions.

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Best Food Forward
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